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It has been said in the music industry that “it’s not what you know, but who you know, that makes one successful.” Taylor “CAS METAH” Hogle may argue that who you know, has a great impact on what you know. A quick listen to the Ohio native’s music reveals his understanding that life is about relationships. A glance at his discography reveals just how well he understands it, and how well he puts it into practice. CAS METAH is a friend to all true hip-hop heads, and he thinks it’s about time you get acquainted.

Taylor Hogle fell in love with hip-hop as a teenager. Never one to shy away from commitment, CAS wrote raps for two years before ever touching a microphone! In 1997 he began recording homemade mixtapes and gaining a rep locally. In 2002 CAS pressed up Key Tah Life, his first album of all original material. A chance meeting with former SolSeeker/TunnelRat, JustMe in ‘03, led to a great friendship and the formation of Scribbling Idiots.

Once Scribbling Idiots got together, CAS METAH kicked it into high gear. In 2004 the crew released Scribbling Idiots Present JustMe & CAS METAH. In ‘05 CAS dropped his second solo effort Dimension Tide, and contributed to Episode 1: The Unification, a compilation album by Trans-Atlantic crew G-Force Alliance. He also left his mark on SI’s now classic mixtape Idiomatic Volume One. All the while CAS and the crew performed throughout the Midwest. Landing gigs with Skillet, GRITS, LA Symphony, Mars Ill and others created a large buzz in hip-hop circles.

Due in large part to CAS’ tireless work in the studio, Scribbling idiots landed a deal with Illect Recordings. In 2006 the crew teamed up with hip-hop legend Masta Ace to release their first 12” single, “Told You So” b/w “Through The Clouds”. In 2007 Mr. METAH released his second solo album. An emo-hop masterpiece full of soul-baring confessionals, Providence Road has gained critical praise and helped to strengthen CAS’ hardcore following. A following that would grow even larger with the 2008 release of The Have Nots by Scribbling Idiots. A special version of The Have Nots was recently re-released in Japan, and the crew’s popularity continues to grow.

Perhaps more impressive than any of the credits listed above, is the countless guest appearances, cameos, and side-projects CAS has piled up throughout the past five years. Prolific doesn’t begin to explain this young man’s writing ability. Nor does it explain his magnetic personality and networking skills, but they all shine through on CAS’ most recent effort Guest Room (Illect Recordings, 2009). Boasting over forty guests, Guest Room is a compilation of duets and posse-cuts that CAS orchestrated over the last few years. The album’s all-star line-up reads like a who’s-who of Bible-believing emcee’s and producers. Any and every fan of good hip-hop should buy this album, and then they should thank CAS METAH for making it.

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Illect Recordings releases available on Bandcamp

20 Jul 2011 posted by Josh

Listen to all the latest Illect Recordings album drops in digital hi-fi.

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Cas Metah Video Added to Fuse VOD for July

08 Jul 2010 posted by Josh

Cas Metah “This Can’t Be True” feat. T-Mo Goodie and Jawz of Life has been added to Fuse VOD from July 6th through August 1st!

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Cas Metah
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